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Five Positive Parenting Instructions


Today, in this world that we are living in, raising a child can be not only a cumbersome but a difficult task largely due to the fact that there are just too many distractions.

Christian parenting is something that is becoming quite an issue for many families as they want their kids to be raised as good Christians. However, just a few simple steps if followed sincerely will surely help you in raising your kid as a good Christian.


You must stress upon your child the importance of faith and importance of always staying close to religion. Spend some time with your child and tell him or her why religion is important and why it is going to make the difference in their life.

Story telling

In all honesty, all kids love stories and if the story is inspirational, they will take the characters in the story as role models. Moreover, the Bible has so many tales to tell of the best attributes of humanity and how a simple man leaned towards his religion and got all that he ever wanted. Tell your son or daughter about those stories in an engaging manner. If you do that, it is for certain that they will have more than one reason to want to grow up to be a good Christian.

Say your prayers together

Develop a habit of saying prayers together, whether it is a meal or time to go to bed. Kneel down and pray with your kids as this will not only bring them close to the religion, it will plant a thought of always doing that regularly even when they reach the age of maturity.

Weed out the evil

In every society there is good and there is evil. Tell your kids about this part of society and do your best to ensure that they never get close to evil. However, a man is always prone to mistakes which means that there will be times when your kids might do something wrong, intentionally or unintentionally. Rather than going for a physical beating, punish them in some other way (a constructive way) so that the thought of doing something wrong is stopped by fear of punishment and God's wrath.

Judgment Day

Make your kids realize the importance of the Judgment Day. Once they know everything about that day, they will have a clear picture ahead of them and will try their best to abstain from practices that intrudes with Christian Parenting.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tips for Frustated Moms

If you have a new baby, bonding with the baby is most important. Hold your baby in your arms while bottle feeding, and talk to them. Cuddling and loving on your baby will not spoil them. They thrive on human contact and interaction. It is not good for their brain development to set them in front of a tv to entertain them. Talking to your baby while you feed, bathe, and dress them helps their language development and helps them feel secure.Tending to their needs swiftly helps prevent crying. Rather than rocking your baby all the way to sleep, try putting them in their crib as soon as the baby becomes sleepy after a feeding. You will find that this will help when they wake up for feedings during the night to get them to go back to sleep more quickly. You don't want to start putting your baby in your bed for a number of reasons, but the main one is to prevent SIDS. Swaddling the first three months is also helpful in getting them to sleep in their own bed. Keep normal noise levels, like music, tv, kitchen sounds and vacuum cleaner, around them from the beginning so they won't be easily wakened.

For toddlers, they must know you are the boss! Set minimal rules dealing with their safety at the beginning, and you can add other rules dealing with manners, etc. later. If they break a rule there must be a consequence in order for the rule to have meaning, and have it relate to the rule. Example, throwing a toy results in having it taken away for awhile, or hitting you or another child, sends them to their room for a short while. Don't yell at your child but speak to them firmly once you get their attention. Praising good behavior rather than pointing out when they mess up goes a long way at making the bond stronger between you and your child, and builds up their self-esteem or self-confidence. When at appointments or shopping, it will help to reduce temper tantrums if your child is well rested and fed before leaving home. It is wise to take along snacks, drinks, toys, and a change of clothes, as I've seen so many moms with nothing with them at all, and they and the child ended up very frustrated! To help the bond between you grow, you need to plan to spend a little time each day playing with your toddler. End the day with a story at bedtime and take time to pray with your child. I look back and remember that was a special time with my sons when they shared their problems with me which we would pray about.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What can calm my Baby's Tummy?

Is your baby crying from tummy pains? The good thing is that this is completely normal and it will stop once your baby's digestive system has grown to better handle food. While knowing this is a comfort the sleeplessnights are taking their toll. It seems that your baby will only be quiet while actually feeding and at this point you are ready to try anything just to get a peaceful moment to sit down and enjoy your little miracle. If you are asking yourself "what can calm my baby's tummy?" you should check the following advice to see if there is something there that you haven't yet tried.

Mom should be Active

Moving with your baby is good both for Mom and the baby and it can help to calm your baby's tummy. If you have the possibility to take walks with your baby in a baby carrier in an upright position it can be a wonderful way to give your baby's tummy some relief. After the feeding you simply place your baby on your front or back and then go for a walk. If it is a cold day outside you can wander your house to some good music. Make use of your free arms to make some order or why not catch up on the phone with a good friend.

Baby Massage

Baby massage and gymnastics have proven to be ways that can calm the baby's tummy. You can learn several simple techniques. One funny way of moving that gas is to make your baby ride a bicycle while lying on his back. Move his legs as if he was biking. You can also move his legs folded towards his tummy area in soft but firm movements to make the gas move out and stop the pains. Other types of baby massage include massaging your baby's tummy with your hands. It can be helpful to join a group with other mommies and babies learning how to massage the gas pains away.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is another effective way for treating your baby's gas problems. If you use gripe water together with the methods mentioned above you should get a really good effect. You can make your own gripe water or buy natural gripe water ready to serve. Give it between feedings or with the bottle or breast. Gripe water that is natural and effective can be bought online and delivered straight to your door step for maximum convenience.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nutritious First Foods to Introduce to Your Baby

Meal preparation for your baby isn't just about featuring the healthiest foods, it's also about avoiding additives and artificial ingredients.

Free time can be hard to come by when you're caring for a young child, so research can be daunting. But don't worry, because here's a list of healthy first food items that you'll want to consider.

  • Sweet potatoes

This savory vegetable is a favorite among children and adults. It packs plenty of nutrients, including calcium, vitamins A and C and potassium. They're quick to prepare and you can rest easy knowing that they're soft enough for your baby to chew. Bear in mind that sweet potatoes can retain heat very well, so be aware of how hot the item is before feeding it to your child.

  • Peas

These small veggies are great for healthy eating. They boast vitamins A, B and C, zinc, iron, calcium and much more. Since they're so small, this is a food you should puree well. Once you do so, they're easy to chew and introduce your little one to some texture. It's a good transitional food that'll prepare him or her for the foods to come

  • Squash

This food will never be boring, thanks to the wide variety of types and flavors. This aspect of squash also ensures that there are always ones that are in season. You won't have to worry about freshness or having to spend too much money when you feature this food.

  • Mix it Up

Eating the same foods gets boring for anyone, including your little one. Don't be afraid to combine vegetables when making baby food. This can be especially beneficial if there are certain veggies that he or she won't eat. Sneaking a bit in with other veggie purees will ensure that your baby gets the nutrients in the less favored food.

  • Apple

An apple a day may be too much for your baby, but it doesn't mean you can't get him or her started on the habit! In the early stages, you'll want to puree these fruits finely. As your young one's eating abilities develop, you can begin to feature apples in a more textured form.

  • Bananas

These naturally mushy fruits are aromatic and sweet, and will likely be one of your baby's favorite treats. The nature of bananas makes them easy to bring as a snack, according to the Wholesome Baby Food blog, written by a health-minded mother. There's no preparation necessary. As such, having them in the home can be a good way to ensure that your little one always has access to a healthy fruit regardless of how busy you may be. 

Introducing your baby to textured foods can be scary, especially if he or she is your first child. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to speak to your pediatrician.
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