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Tips for Frustated Moms

If you have a new baby, bonding with the baby is most important. Hold your baby in your arms while bottle feeding, and talk to them. Cuddling and loving on your baby will not spoil them. They thrive on human contact and interaction. It is not good for their brain development to set them in front of a tv to entertain them. Talking to your baby while you feed, bathe, and dress them helps their language development and helps them feel secure.Tending to their needs swiftly helps prevent crying. Rather than rocking your baby all the way to sleep, try putting them in their crib as soon as the baby becomes sleepy after a feeding. You will find that this will help when they wake up for feedings during the night to get them to go back to sleep more quickly. You don't want to start putting your baby in your bed for a number of reasons, but the main one is to prevent SIDS. Swaddling the first three months is also helpful in getting them to sleep in their own bed. Keep normal noise levels, like music, tv, kitchen sounds and vacuum cleaner, around them from the beginning so they won't be easily wakened.

For toddlers, they must know you are the boss! Set minimal rules dealing with their safety at the beginning, and you can add other rules dealing with manners, etc. later. If they break a rule there must be a consequence in order for the rule to have meaning, and have it relate to the rule. Example, throwing a toy results in having it taken away for awhile, or hitting you or another child, sends them to their room for a short while. Don't yell at your child but speak to them firmly once you get their attention. Praising good behavior rather than pointing out when they mess up goes a long way at making the bond stronger between you and your child, and builds up their self-esteem or self-confidence. When at appointments or shopping, it will help to reduce temper tantrums if your child is well rested and fed before leaving home. It is wise to take along snacks, drinks, toys, and a change of clothes, as I've seen so many moms with nothing with them at all, and they and the child ended up very frustrated! To help the bond between you grow, you need to plan to spend a little time each day playing with your toddler. End the day with a story at bedtime and take time to pray with your child. I look back and remember that was a special time with my sons when they shared their problems with me which we would pray about.

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