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Five Positive Parenting Instructions


Today, in this world that we are living in, raising a child can be not only a cumbersome but a difficult task largely due to the fact that there are just too many distractions.

Christian parenting is something that is becoming quite an issue for many families as they want their kids to be raised as good Christians. However, just a few simple steps if followed sincerely will surely help you in raising your kid as a good Christian.


You must stress upon your child the importance of faith and importance of always staying close to religion. Spend some time with your child and tell him or her why religion is important and why it is going to make the difference in their life.

Story telling

In all honesty, all kids love stories and if the story is inspirational, they will take the characters in the story as role models. Moreover, the Bible has so many tales to tell of the best attributes of humanity and how a simple man leaned towards his religion and got all that he ever wanted. Tell your son or daughter about those stories in an engaging manner. If you do that, it is for certain that they will have more than one reason to want to grow up to be a good Christian.

Say your prayers together

Develop a habit of saying prayers together, whether it is a meal or time to go to bed. Kneel down and pray with your kids as this will not only bring them close to the religion, it will plant a thought of always doing that regularly even when they reach the age of maturity.

Weed out the evil

In every society there is good and there is evil. Tell your kids about this part of society and do your best to ensure that they never get close to evil. However, a man is always prone to mistakes which means that there will be times when your kids might do something wrong, intentionally or unintentionally. Rather than going for a physical beating, punish them in some other way (a constructive way) so that the thought of doing something wrong is stopped by fear of punishment and God's wrath.

Judgment Day

Make your kids realize the importance of the Judgment Day. Once they know everything about that day, they will have a clear picture ahead of them and will try their best to abstain from practices that intrudes with Christian Parenting.

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