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The Possible Causes of Baby Anorexia

Some babies are very happy to accept new foods, eating with relish. On the contrary, some babies are already a year old, and still the breast-based, refuse to make good eating. And some babies may be at a certain stage showed a certain aversion to food aversion. Anorexia is a common disease in children, if not timely adjust, it will lead to baby growth retardation, physical decline, affecting baby's growth and development.

Main reasons for anorexia are the following aspects: 

First, failure to timely add the complementary feeding at the infancy

In the critical period of adding complementary feeding to babies, not give them appropriate training, so that your baby's chewing ability lags behind peers. Now you are eager to add a food supplement, so that babies cannot adapt at a short time. In a word, timely adding complementary feeding to babies is very important.

Second, bad eating habits

Baby is particular about foods or there are too many snacks pre-dinner, or in the period of adding complementary feeding, the baby's favorite food was found and as a substitution to long-term eat, thus baby will produce boredom to a large extent; In addition, if you coerce the baby to eat something when they are no this will, it¡¯s easy to produce converse. 

Third, Vitamin B, trace element zinc deficiency.

The lack of B vitamins and trace elements zinc can cause your baby reduction in taste function and gastric digestive function, so that baby has irregular appetite and diminished digestion. 

Forth, the reason of disease

Nutritional anemia, rickets, chronic gastrointestinal disease, hepatitis, etc. can cause anorexia. 

Fifth, mental factors

When the baby is in excessive stress, anxiety, shock, lack of affection anorexia is also produced, when, as just nursery, admission, psychological moment could not adapt. Therefore, at the beginning of baby just put in nursery or kindergarten, being in a difficult adaption, parents should give their children move love and care. 

Sixth, other factors

For example, Babies are suffered from hot summer; too excited, hyperactive and so on.
All of above may help you to better understand the reasons for babies¡¯ anorexia. Therefore, parents can be targeted to help the baby to timely adjust. Wish your baby grow healthily.

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