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Clothes Care and Ideas For Cute Baby Girl Outfits


Clothes Washing Ideas

You can cut down on time AND keep baby outfits looking and smelling fresh with these ideas for baby and toddler laundry care. It's a good idea to wash baby clothes before they are worn the first time. You don't know how they have been treated at the store or what they have come in contact with prior to landing on the rack at the store. It is common sense to exercise caution.

1. Check clothing labels for special care instructions before washing.

2. Separate clothing by color to avoid color fade and bleeding.

3. Running larger size loads in the washer can save on water and time since you will be more efficient and do less loads.

4. Use warm water if you can (following the clothes label instructions!) to fill the machine.

5. Add detergent to water. Avoid the urge to add extra detergent since this can be harder to wash out! Babies skins is sensitive to detergents so don't over do it for that "extra clean" look.

6. Add baby or toddler clothes, taking care not to overfill.

7. Begin the wash cycle.

8. Soap residue can irritate some baby's sensitive skin. Run an extra rinse cycle to ensure all soap has been removed.

9. Hang to line dry or put in the dryer soon after wash is finished. Lower can temperatures help avoid shrinkage.

How To Get Out Tough Stains

Staying on top of new stains is important. That is why always bringing along an extra set, or two, of baby and toddler clothes is so helpful and wise. Yes, it is a little extra work, but it is so stress relieving at the moment. It also helps provide for a more relaxed day and ability to "go with the flow."

1. Pre treat stains with spot/stain removers following label directions. Be sure to allow the proper sitting time and/or soaking of the stained clothes if it is called for. Be sure these are sensitive enough for a baby's skin.

2. Use the warmest water that clothing label indicates acceptable to fill the machine.

3. Add the right amount of detergent to the water.

4. Add baby clothes. Do not overfill or do large loads for stain removal.

5. Begin the wash cycle.

6. After the wash cycle, check to be sure that stain is gone before drying. If stain is still there, repeat the process before allowing the item to dry.

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  • January 27, 2014 at 7:02 PM

    I always find cleaning childrens clothes separately to adults clothes easier. Especially babies clothes. I also put baby clothes on a gentler cycle with some bicarb and vinegar on the stains.

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